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ccf-1790 Computer-controlled button hole sewing ma

ccf-1790 Computer-controlled button hole sewing ma

The Maximum Button Hole Length:120mm

1.The Maximum Button Hole Length:120mm
2.Highest sewing speed:4200rpm
3.Trimming:The trimming devices are controlled by the individual step motor,which enable to adjust the motion Of knife according to the actual condition.
4.With the adjustment of tension solenoid.It is possible to meet the needs of different tension at the parallel part and bartack part Of buttonhole.
5.Witrh LCD displayer,touch paneI operation,the entire works Of data setting,pattern editing and modification can be done via the operating boa rd.The operating boa rd also supports the most commonly used USB connector fo r transferring patte rns and updating the program.
6.The system supports 30 patterns with different shapes and the fo rmat of patte rns gene rated patte rn-making softwa re.Additionally the capacity can expand to 99 patterns,which can be selected andedited via the operating board freely.



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