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How to adjust the computer after the sewing scissors thread in particularly short round phenomenon
Dates:2015-12-14 Hit:3113
The problem may be in the sewing machine and thread tension shear line time is not adjusted well, does not rule out the blade is not sharp actions, it is recommended to check and adjust according to the following requirements and methods.

(1) Check the thread trimming is normal, through pedal gives trimming signal was observed after trimming solenoid whether action can be judged.

(2) Check the knife, the fixed knife is sharp, the amount of bite is moderate. Knife, the fixed knife is not sharp, the need for grinding, sharpening amount should not over 1 mm. Knife, fixed blade bite amount should be less than 1 mm is appropriate, such as more than 1 mm can cause early-point line, resulting in poor cut line.


(3) Check whether fixed knife sharpener too. If sharpening before, and grinding large quantities, it is recommended for the new tool to re-adjust the amount of bite, because the front and rear fixed knife position can not be adjusted after the fixed knife sharpening shorter, in order to cut the line, the knife to move it forward, this will result in the knife-point line in advance. So the next rotary trimming knife generally do not adjust front and rear positions, after a given mill is still cutting edge continuous line, the best replacement knife.

(4) Check the adjustment of the first gripper (loose wire) opening time, the second gripper (increase the amount of loose wire) tightness. Should first gripper loose wire transfer earlier time, the second gripper tension adjust weaker.

(5) Adjust the trimming cam, the cut line time later this tune.

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