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Dingkou not winding methods are there?
Dates:2015-11-11 Hit:3279
  Many operators often encounter Dingkou when not winding clinch issue, which occurs more frequently. For this problem, mainly the following aspects reasons.
Staples thread too loose
  Due process requirements have gaps between buttons and fabric sheet layer 2 to 3 layers of fabric, if not winding, wire staples too loose, it is easy to accidentally pulled loose thread line. Because the single chain stitch line is continuous slipknot knot, pull seam will take off after all the sutures, produce off buckle. Solution: We should appropriately tighten the sutures, or by other clinch process.

The last tie is not strong enough
  When the final seam final tie is not strong enough, or did not form a complete knot, resulting in prolapse thread trimming after the last needle thread loop to form a continuous off-line. Solution: We first exclude winding problem, and then choose the type of staples cross stitch, this stitch to some extent, can also increase the firmness of the suture.Finally, a heavy needle needle no
  If this is the last needle heavy needle not, we should check whether the needle really heavy in the last stitch. If the weight is not the final stitch needle can lead to clinch the final sewing needle is not heavy track.
  Button sewing machine, for example with a 21-pin, 21-pin should be the first to re-pin, if the weight is not the first 21-pin needle (last pin), but in the first needle or pin 20 at the line weight for this position raveling trace does not work, it will naturally dispersed. Causing heavy needle is not the last one because the needle stop position is wrong, the solution is that we readjust the parking position, ensure the parking, the last needle is heavy needle.
  Finally, a needle jumper
  Finally, the consequences of a needle jumper produce heavy needle and no final, the last knot is not strong enough the consequences are the same, is a cable head line on all dissipated. Workaround: The needle guard forward a little top (near the needle), the crochet needle to rely a little, then crochet time to speed up or slow down some more.

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