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About Us

  Changzhou Industrial Sewing Machines Co.,Ltd. is located in the city of Changzhoum, Jiangsu province.

  Our company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification and CE product certification.We stand in front of developing special sewing machines from the year of 1998. and we keep on innovating. We have become an important base for researching, developing, and manufacturing of the Chinese special sewing equipments.

  Changzhou Industrial Sewing Machines Co.,Ltd., which has advanced means of manufacture, reliable guarantee of quality and the global marketing &service network, has gained approval and admiration in its line.

  Diligent in thinking and good at innovating, CHANGFENG MADE IN CHINA, who would undertake the task of reviving Chinese special sewing machines and make our great effort to create the classics of special sewing machines, is looking forward to your coming with open arms.





TEL:0086-519-86268518 86268517 86268516  FAX:0086-519-86268515
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